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From: Ron Kelly
Subject: Exploits Of Jay #17 incestIt had been over two weeks since Jay had enjoyed
sex with Merl,they saw one another nearly every day,but Merl had insisted on
no messing around any more at school,they would have to be very careful or
his job as well as his life would be in jeopardy,most people frowned on and
older guy having sex with a younger boy.Jay had been to down town and was on his way home,having just passed the
plant where his dad worked.As he turned the corner,he ran head on with
Jake,his dad's cousin,getting knocked flat on his cute little butt.
"Hey little one,where you going in such a hurry,slow down ."Jake said as he
picked Jay up brushing him off."I'm sorry Jake,I wasn't looking where I was going."
"Is ok,Jake in to big a hurry also."He smiled.
"Come,Jake buy you a coke,you rest awhile."
"I'd rather have a cup of coffee Jake,if you don't mind."Jay said."Coke coffee,whatever,you have what you want."
They entered Hollys resturant and took a booth preteen lolitas panty pics near the back.
Holly was talking with a couple of guys up loli child top sites front but headed there way as
they sat down.
"Hey guys,what'll it be,two beers?"She said laughing, as she mussed up Jay's
hair."Two coffee's Holly,my friend here don't drink."He said,smiling.
"Ok,two coffee's it is."
She brought them right back,then rejoined the guys up front.
"So,how you been Jay,behaving yourself?"Jake said,his hand squeezing his
knee."Sure Jake, go to school every day."Jay said.
"That's good,you such a pretty boy Jay,maybe should have been a girl huh."He
said,laughing as he squeezed Jay's thigh,up close to his crotch.
"Thats what everyone tells me Jake."Jay said,as he sipped his coffee.Jake was rubbing Jay's back,moving down ward as they talked.
"Your daddy tell Jake your a nice boy,are you nice boy Jay?"
"Yes Jake,I'm a very nice boy."Jay said,smiling.
Jake's hand was at the waist band of Jay's shorts,forcing it's way inside
and down to the cheeks of Jay's ass.Looking up at Jake Jay said."You know don't you Jake?"
"Yes boy,I know."
"Was it my dad,Ned,Joe or who?"
"All three,we were all drinking and they forgot I was there,it just slipped
out.."Jake said."Thay say you have nice ass and like to have sex with older men,do you?"
"Yes,I like older men better,men like you Jake."Jay teased.
Jake was looking up front as he undone his belt,then his pants,unzipping his
He took Jay's hand and guided it between his legs,he was not wearing under
shorts.Jay's hand touched Jake's cock,it was not long,but very thick,he could not
get his hand around it's girth.
Jake continued to watch up front as he talked."Milk it Jay,you hand feels
good on Jakes cock."
Jay stroked him as best he could,what with the position he was in.He freed Jakes cock and could see the pre cum ozzing out,more than most guys
dicks uaually expeled.
He moved his body back and bent forward,licking the watery cream from it's
huge head.
"Uuhhh!"Jake gasped but never took his eyes from the men up front.
"Ah Jay,you make Jake feel good."Jay mamaged to get the big dick in his mouth,wetting it with saliva then
began to suck,teasing the head with his tongue.
Jake moved,spreading his thighs so as to give Jay more room.
"You gonna make Jake cum pretty darn soon boy,UUnnnnhhh,Jay suck cock,suck
cock!"Jake moaned,his head up,eyes closed.Jakes load was erupting from his cock,filling Jay's mouth as Jay swalloed
quickly,sucking the head of Jakes cock like a sython.
All of a sudden Holly was standing before them.
"Oh shit guys,I'm sorry!"She said,then she was gone.As Jay sucked up the last strings of Jake's spern,Jake noticed Holly talking
to the guys and they all looked there way.
Jake quickly arranged his pants.lifting Jay up in the seat.
"Jay,those guys up there,they know you was sucking me,I could get in a lot
of trouble.""Go out the back door Jake,I'll be ok.I'll wait a few minutes then go out
the front."
"You sure boy,sure you be ok?"jake said.
The men were standing up now."Yes I'll be fine,go Jake!,Go!"He said.
Jake stood,put some money on the table,turned and went out the rear door as
the guys approched Jay's table."Where's you friend going boy?"One of the guys said.
"He had to get to work."Jay said.
"Un-huh,you like sucking dick kid?"
"Sometimes."Jay answered."Holly,can Ben and I use the store room awhile?"
"Sure Doug,help yourself,but don't hurt the kid."She said.
"Come on pretty boy",Doug said,taking his arm and pulling him up,"Let's see
how good you are at sucking dick?"The two took Jay to the back room and closed the door,there was a pile of
sacked potatos in the center of the room.Doug removed Jay's clothes then
drapped him over the top sack on his belly.
"Go ahead Ben,feed the little shit some cock,let's see how much he can
take."Ben held Jay's head up by his hair as he guided his cock between his lips.
Jay went after it,he figured the quicker he made these guys cum the quicker
he could get out of here,that Doug scared him a little.
He could feel Dougs hands kneeding the cheeks of his ass,it never
failed,older guys always went for a young kids ass for some reason.Of course
Jay's was unusually nice with a round lolita cartoon porn art sexy shape.Wet lips began showering kiss'es over both cheeks,teeth trying to bite them
like an animal.
They moved between them,kissing his star shaped,puckered dark portal bbs lolita
hole as he heard
one of them moan.
Ben was face fucking him now,holding his head as he shoved his cock in and
out."Oh shit Doug this kids good man,he's driving me nuts with that fucking
"Ah man!,ah man!,Aggg,suck it kid,suck it baby!Aaaauuggg!!!!!!!
Ben's cock exploded with such a blast it hit the top of Jay's throat and
made him swallow.
Jay sucked in ernest now,taking the head and appling strong suction as he
pulled up,damm near pulling Ben off his feet.The cock was still spurting seaman in his mouth,so much that some ran down
his chin,this guy must have been saving consoladores automaticos lolitas slaves the stuff up for weeks.
Finally,Ben pushed Jay's head back,"Easy kid,thats tender there."He said.
"Shit Doug,you gotta let black girls nude lolita this little cocksucker do you,he's great!"
Doug came around in front,he had removed his clothes and was holding his
cock out.Jay's insides were bussing with lust and excitement by now and Dougs big
lovely cock only aroused him more as he licked Ben's cum from his lips.
He like a dick like Dougs,long with a nice round head.
Without asking,Jay turned on his back,his head hanging down before Dougs
dick."Thats the way you want it boy?Get comfy,I'm gonna fill that little belly
with cream."he said,smiling down at Jay.
Jay had a reason for moving,he could take the cock down his throat like this
without worring about gettin hurt.Ne never waited on Doug,he reach out taking the dick and giuded it inside
his hungry mouth,he wanted that hunk of meat bad.
He felt the head slide over his tongue,touch his throat,stretching it
open.Jay never worried about gagging anymore,he had it down pat by now.He
could feel the dick easing it's way down his throat,pushing past his adams
apple.When the cock had filled his throat,he felt Dougs hairs tickle his
forehead,his nuts resting on his eyes.
He heard Doug moan as his cock soaked inside his throat.
Then the fucking became serious, Doug was taking his time making it last.Jay felt a dick sliding inside his ass and knew Ben had got up another hard.
"Damm Doug,his pussy is even better than his mouth man."He said.
He was holding consoladores automaticos lolitas slaves
Jay by the hips,pulling him back each time he thrust his cock
"What the hell!You got it down his throat?""Thats crasy man,awesome!"Doug throat fucked Jay for quite awhile,the guy had a lot of staying power.
The he pulled out,looking down a Jay's face.
"I'm saving my load for that sweet little ass kid,I'm going to,how they
sayit ,"Fuck your brains out."He said,laughing."Get outta there Ben,let him suck you some more."He said.
They changed places as once again Jay had Ben's dick in his mouth.
He felt his male pussy stretch as Doug plowed up his love hole,showing no
Jay wrapped his legs around Dougs neck,lifting his ass higher as the monster
cock envaded his young ass.It wasn't long before Doug sped up,groaned and emptied his jisam up Jay's
love hole.
After pulling his cock out,Doug began working his fingers inside the hole he
had just fucked,stretching Jay's ass even more.
Ben had cum a second time,feeding him his milky cream.Jay watched as Doug opened a can of crisco,dipped his fingers in,then
started packing it up his ass.
When Doug rubbed the stuff over his hand and wrist,Jay was wondering what he
had in mind,he was to find out soon enough.
Doug kept working in fingers till they were consoladores automaticos lolitas slaves
all in,then joined them with his
thumb,ramming his hand in and out of Jay's ass in quick,short strokes.It hurt some,but not bad enough to make Jay cry out,he was fasinated by the
hand moving in and out of his hole.
After rubbing more crisco over his hand,Doug shoved the whole thing inside
Jay's ass,up to the wrist.
Jay jumped and as he did a rush of pain went shooting up his rectum,then
subsiding slowly as Doug held his hand inside.Jay could feel his hand closing as he made a fist,nudging it back and forth
in short jabs.
There was more pain,but Jay was surprised ,it was more a pain of pleasure
then actual hurt.
As Doug worked his fist in more profoundly,Jay felt himself begining to
swoon,his eyes trying to roll back in his head."Careful Doug,I think the kid is having a spasm of some kind."Ben said.
"Naw,it does that to you when it begins feeling realy good,he's ok."
Jay come back around,looking down at the mans arm working to get up his love
Doug was in about four inches up his wrist now."Get around here Ben,throw you leg over my arm and stand in front of me."
Ben done as he said,his cock laying on top of Dougs wrist.
"Rub some of that crisco on your cock and work it up his ass."Doug said.
Again Ben done as told.Jay could feel his anus stretching open even more as
Bens cock slid in to the hilt,Jay was being fisted and fucked at the same
time and black girls nude lolita loved it.
Ben finally pulled out,afraid he might split Jay's ass wide open."You like that don't you,you little fuck,yeah,hell,you love it",Doug said,as
he punch his fist in several quick jabs.
Once again the feeling was making Jay swoon as he heard himself moan and
"Come on Doug,thats far enough,your going to hurt him and we'll both be in
deep shit."Ben said.
"All right you candy as,I'll pull it out."Doug said.
There was no doubt he had done this before,by the way he carefully removed
his fist,very slow and easy,taking his time.
Jay had cum twice while the fist was up his shit chute,never had he
experenced a feeling like that before.After they had cleaned up,Doug patted him on the ass,"Thanks kid,your
ok,I'll see you again,you can count on it."
"Yeah kid,your alright man."Ben said,bending over and kissing th cheek of
Jay's ass,then winked.
Then they were gone.Jay began gathering up his clothes as dark portal bbs lolita
Holly walked in.
"They hurt you little guy?"
"No maam,they never done anymore than I wanted them to."Jay said.
"Here,let me wipe that stuff off of you."Holly proceeded to clean the crisco from the crack of his ass.
"Boy,they sure stretched you out kid,I know nither one of them are built
that good."
"He used his fist,"Jay said,smiling at her.
"His fist!And you can smile about it?"
"I loved it,I never had anything feel so good."Jay said.Just thinking about it had caused him to have another erection.
Holly laughed,"It must have been good."She said,as she took hold of Jay's
Without saying another word she sat on her hunches,taking Jay's cock in her
mouth and sucked.
Jay could see down the top of her uniform,she was not wearing a bra and he
could see her nipples,they reminded him of his mom's.Holly knew how to suck dick,she had a tongue that had a mind of it's
own,covering every inch of Jay's cock as he held her head and moaned softly.
"I'm going to cum Holly,"He tried to push her head back,but she was not
having any of it.She wanted him to cum in her mouth,which he did with one
hell of a force.After licking his cream from the head of his cock,she stood smiling,as she
said."I think you earned that,now get out of her."Jay dressed as she
straightened her uniform and went out the door.
"Could I ask a favor of you Holly?"Jay said.
"Sure kid,but I though I just done you one."She said,laughing.
"You did and I loved it,but would you let me drink your pee?""Drink my pee, you mean pee in your mouth?"She said.amazement showing in her
"Yes maam,would you.I'd be evr gratefull to you."Jay said.He was thinking
how much he enjoyed his mom's pee.
"Well sure kid,it that's waht you want,yeah,sure,why not."Holly said,as she
removed her panties and spread her legs.Jay knelt between them,holding his open mouth under her pussy,Holly held her
uniform up so she could see her pee fill his mouth.
A gush sprewed form her pee hole filling his mouth as he gulped it down,her
piss tasted great,he was glad he asked her to do it.After the last drops had entered his mouth,Jay licked the soft hair of her
pussy,sucking up all her pee.
"Just a minute kid,stay right there."She said,then looked out the door up
Coming back she straddled Jay's face again,cupping the back of his head as
she pressed it to her cunt,Jay knew what she wanted and went after her
pussy,licking,dipping his tongue,chewing the lips of her pussy,placeing a
strong suction on her hole.Holly began to hump her ass forward,holdfing Jay's head tightly to her
hole.She soon gasped,moaning as she reached her climax,having one orgasm
after another,till she damm near dropped.
She was just smoothing her uniform out when someone called from out front.
"Hey Holly,get that cute little ass out here and wait on us.""He talking about you or me?"Holly loli tinies 13 yo said as she kissed Jay on the mouth,then
went out the door.
"Ok,Ok,I'm coming,keep your shorts on."She said.
As Jay dressed,he noticed Hollies panties still laying on the floor.he
picked them up,sniffed the crotch,smiled as he put them in his pocket.He made it home ok,filled the tub with water and soaked,feeling the ache
leave his body.
He had enjoyed every minute of the afternoon.He still prefered men's dicks
and being fucked,but Hollies pussy had not been bad at all,kind of like
icing on the cake,yes,Jay was learning,learning a lot....
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